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02007-04-16Absolutely thrilling: Lisp-level Lua with Metalua macros; it was already mentioned a month ago at λ the Ultimate.

Why 40% of Adobe’s Lightroom consists of Lua code:

« So what we do with Lua is essentially all of the application logic from running the UI to managing what we actually do in the database. Pretty much every piece of code in the app that could be described as making decisions or implementing features is in Lua until you get down to the raw processing, which is in C++. The database engine is in C; the interface to the OS is in C++ and Objective C as appropriate to platform. But most of the actually interesting material in the app beyond the core database code (which is SQLite) and the raw processing code (which is essentially Adobe Camera Raw) is all in Lua. » from: rc3.org: Is Lua the next big thing?
Lua Programming
02007-04-15Just added to the classics section: Dennis Ritchie: The Development of the C Language* 2003.

Found at Good Math, Bad Math: Mark C. Chu-Carroll: Strange Loops: Ken Thompson and the Self-referencing C Compiler.
C Programming