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H. Abelson
    N. I. Adams IV
    D. H. Bartley
    G. Brooks
    R. K. Dybvig
    D. P. Friedman
    R. Halstead
    C. Hanson
    C. T. Haynes
    E. Kohlbecker
    D. Oxley
    K. M. Pitman
    G. J. Rozas
    G. L. Steele Jr.
    G. J. Sussman
    M. Wand
Revised5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme R5RS (PDF)
Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation 11 (1):7-105, August 1998
Hal Abelson,
    Jerry Sussman,
    and Julie Sussman
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (PDF) 1984
Stanley N. Burris
    H.P. Sankappanavar
A Course in Universal Algebra 1981
Mike Cowlishaw
IBM Jargon and General Computing Dictionary, 10e, 1990
S. Dasgupta
    C.H. Papadimitriou
    and U.V. Vazirani
Algorithms 2006
Hal Daume III
Yet Another Haskell Tutorial PDF/PS/DVI Preprint Rev. 2, 2006
Mark Jason Dominus
Higher-Order Perl 2005
R. Kent Dybvig
The Scheme Programming Language Third Edition 2003
The Scheme Programming Language Second Edition 1996The Chez Scheme User’s Guide 1998
Three Implementation Models for Scheme 1987
Matthias Felleisen,
    Robert Bruce Findler,
    Matthew Flatt,
    Shriram Krishnamurthi
How To Design Programs
Matthias Felleisen,
    Robert Bruce Findler,
    Matthew Flatt,
    Shriram Krishnamurthi
    Paul Steckler
How to Use Scheme 2001
Programming Languages and Lambda Calculi 2003 (PDF)
Frank G. Fiamingo
Unix System Administration 1996
Introduction to Unix 1998
Raphael A. Finkel
Advanced Programming Language Design
Daniel P. Friedman
Applications of Continuations Lecture Notes
Daniel P. Friedman
    Mitchell Wand
    Christoper T. Haynes
Essentials of Programming Languages 2nd ed. Source Code, Errata only. 2001
Richard P. Gabriel
Performance and Evaluation of Lisp Systems 1985 (PDF)
Patterns of Software: Tales from the Software Community 1996 (PDF)
Paul Graham
On Lisp 1993
Dick Grune
    and Ceriel J.H. Jacobs
Parsing Techniques—A Practical Guide 1st ed. 1990
Randall Hyde
The Art of Assembly Language Programming
Roberto Ierusalimschy
Programming in Lua 2003 (Code)
S. C. Johnson
    and B. W. Kernighan
The Programming Language B 1973
Simon Peyton Jones
The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages 1987
Simon Peyton Jones
    and David Lester
Implementing functional languages: a tutorial 1992
Jerry Jongerius
Writing Bug-Free C Code 1993-1995, 2002-2006
Hassan Aït Kaci
Warren’s Abstract Machine 2001
John G. Kemeny
    J. Laurie Snell
    and Gerald L. Thompson
Introduction to Finite Mathematics 2nd, 3rd ed.
Philip J. Koopman, Jr.
Stack Computers: the new wave
Alfred Korzybski
Online Bibiography
Shriram Krishnamurthi
Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation new ed. 2006 (PDF)
Thomas Kühne
A Functional Pattern System for Object-Oriented Design 1999 (PDF)
David B. Lamkins
Successful Lisp: How to Understand and Use Common Lisp 1995-2001
David MacKay
Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms 2003
Alfred J. Menezes,
    Paul C. van Oorschot
    and Scott A. Vanstone
Handbook of Applied Cryptography 2001
Eric Steven Raymond
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
The Art of Unix Programming 2003
Homesteading the Noosphere
The Magic Cauldron
How To Become A Hacker
Numerical Recipes
    Software (ed.)
Numerical Recipes in C, Fortan 77, Fortran 90
Naphtali D. Rishe
Database Design: The Semantic Modeling Approach 1992
C.J. van Rijsbergen
Information Retrieval PDF
Peter Van Roy
    and Seif Haridi
Concepts, Techniques and Models of Computer Programming
Peter Seibel
Practical Common Lisp 2003-2005
Peter Sestoft
Partial Evaluation and Automatic Program Generation
Dorai Sitaram
Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days (PDF) 2003
Steven S. Skiena
The Algorithm Design Manual 1997
Guy L. Steele
Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition
Guy L. Steele Jr.
    Richard P. Gabriel
The Evolution of Lisp
Gerald Jay Sussman
    and Jack Wisdom
Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics
Stephen L. Talbott
The Future Does Not Compute 1995
David S. Touretzky
Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation
Mark Watson
Loving Lisp, or the Savy Programmer’s Secret Weapon work in progress
Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java
Gio Wiederhold
Database Design 3rd ed. PS, 1998, 2nd ed. PDF, 2001
Niklaus Wirth
    Jürg Gutknecht
    M. Reiser
Programming in Oberon Project Oberon—The Design of an Operating System and Compiler
Project Oberon Edition 2005
Compiler Construction
Programming in Oberon—A derivative of Programming in Modula-2 2004
Algorithms and Data Structures Oberon version: August 2004
Stephen Wolfram
A New Kind of Science
The Common Lisp Cookbook
A Comprehensive Guide to FreeBSD 1997+
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